Roboze has just recently announced that it will be partnering with SCEI 3D who is headquarted in Paris. Roboze will be introduced to the French customers and SMEs with the help of SCEI 3D.

SCEI 3D is a company with over 80 years of experience that deals with a wide range of offerings in the aeronautics, space and defence sectors. A representative from SCEI 3D, Emmanuel Vernet, affirmed that “the demand in the aerospace market – but not only, oil & gas, luxury, medical, automotive – requires high performance printers that are able to print high temperature thermoplastics with the possibility to print with their own materials or materials coming from another supplier (“opened-source” printer). Collaborating with Roboze is the answer! With Roboze One, Roboze One+400 and now Argo 500, SCEI is proud to markets and propose prototyping services and end use parts with a wide range of materials including PEEK, ULTEM 9085, Carbon PA and others

Roboze devotes itself in the continuous developments in 3D Printing solutions with materials such as PEEK, Carbon PEEK and Ultem ™ AM8095F. These three materials have similarities with other metal performers but maintain polymers characteristics which is very important to the SCEI 3D sectors.

CEO & Founder of Roboze, Alessio Lorusso goes on to explain more in depth the strengths of the company as well as the benefits that will arise due do this partnership. The country of Molière shows a real demand in the aeronautical and space sectors which are also recognized as a hub of economic and innovation. For the manager, their solutions will directly respond to the needs of these sectors. Moreover, a partner such as SCEI 3D, can only accelerate thedissemination of features and innovative products to meet the current and future production needs of our customers.

Roboze is truly expanding its additive manufacturing solutions in the EMEA region. The company recently collaborated with three other companies in Germany, Scandinavia and Turkey in order to address the needs of SMEs and professionals regarding 3D printing.


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