Renishaw & Infosys will enhance metal AM product development

Renishaw will partner with engineering and IT services company, Infosys to further metal additive manufacturing technology.

The goal of both companies is to provide an end-to-end product development service. They will help companies to achieve their objective for volume production of end-use parts.

What each company has to offer

In this collaboration, Infosys’ strength is its engineering processes and design skills in AM. Renishaw’s strength on the other side is not to be neglected. The company owns indeed an interesting global network of Additive Manufacturing Solutions Centers.

The presence of these plants all over the world will facilitate the realization of their projects no matter where they could take place.

“Additive manufacturing enables us to design and make innovative products with spectacular gains in performance and efficiency,” declared Sudip Singh, Global Head, Engineering Service at Infosys Ltd. “Infosys has developed a rich knowledge base of AM design best practices, coupled with powerful design tools to analyse and optimise product designs, so that we can take full advantage of the flexibility that AM offers.”

For Marc Saunders, Director, Global Solutions Centres at Renishaw: “Whilst additive manufacturing can create complex geometries in a single process step, some level of finishing is generally required to produce functional parts. Renishaw’s knowledge of metrology, machining and finishing processes can help customers to develop an integrated manufacturing solution for their innovative new product.”


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