Remember the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit unveiled last year by 3D printer manufacturer Raise3D?  A solution designed to increase FFF 3D printing yield rates without compromising the quality of printed parts. Initially compatible with the Pro3 Series 3D printers, this Hyper FFF™ technology is now available for Raise3D Pro2 Series printers, the company’s flagship product from early 2018 to late 2020.

True to its mission of pushing the adoption of FFF 3D printing into Manufacturing, making Hyper FFF™ the new print speed standard is Raise3D’s current objective. The company promises there are more innovative solutions in the pipeline for the next few years.

An Open-Test period has now started for those who would like to help Raise3D identify and correct any minor bugs that may not have appeared during the previous testing stages, so that a final version of the firmware can be released.

Participants in the Open-Test may, as previously stated, encounter some bugs, but there I is no need to worry about any negative impact on the hardware, the company ensures.

With the beginning of the Open-Test period, and to ensure Pro2 Series keep being one of the most competitive 3D printers in the Professional segment, Raise3D has also decided to revise the recommended retail prices of Pro2 Series printers. The prices for the US and EU are listed below, while in other territories, prices may differ, one learns from a press release.

3D printer Before From 17th April
Raise3D Pro2 3999$/ 34999€ 3499$ / 2999€
Raise3D Pro2 Plus 5999$/ 4999€ 4499$/ 3999€

The revised price shall also make it easier for those seeking to buy the Pro2, which is out of stock in many territories, to purchase instead the Pro2 Plus for just about 15% more than the previous price.

Materials and printing speed

The upgrade will support seven filaments, including Hyper Speed ABS, Hyper Speed PLA, Premium ABS, Premium PLA, Premium PETG, Premium ASA, and Premium PC. Each filament will come with two sets of printing templates (High Quality and Standard), and the upgrade will support 0.4mm diameter nozzles. The ideaMaker 4.4.1 Alpha update includes the addition of Pro2 Series printers, along with seven new adapted filaments and corresponding templates for the Pro2 Series Hyper Speed mode.

More Hyper Speed filaments, like PETG, PC, ASA, ESD-safe, will be released later this year. The first filament in the Hyper Core line will also launch during 2023; starting with PPA CF, a carbon fiber-reinforced composite filament with superior heat resistance, strength, and stiffness.

When using Raise3D’s Hyper Speed materials, Pro2 Series printers can achieve level 1 printing speeds which mean speed of up to 150mm/s and a maximum acceleration of 5,000mm/s². In comparison, the Pro3 Series printers reaches level 2 printing speeds thanks to the additional hardware upgrade.

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