JetXpert_ Credit: Qauntica

On the heels of its partnership with Xaar, machine manufacturer Quantica embarks on a new collaboration that will improve the accessibility of its NovoJet technology, its muli-material 3D printer unveiled at Formnext 2023.

The new partnership is signed with ImageXpert, an expert in robust machine-vision-based measurement systems. Simply put, the company helps to improve inkjet systems with modular, user-friendly analysis tools that accelerate the development of inks, printers, and printheads.


According to Quantica, this partnership will focus on three key aspects:

  • The enhancement of Quantica’s NovoJet Printhead Technology to enable the processing of new materials for 2D and 3D manufacturing. Quantica’s NovoJet technology can already print high-viscosity fluids and fluids with large particle sizes, expanding the range of materials that can be used with inkjet technology.
  • The integration of Quantica’s JetPack and ImageXpert’s JetXpert systems. The JetPack serves as a vital tool for validating and optimizing the use of new materials with NovoJet printheads. This system would be guided by live analysis of drop shape, volume, and velocity with the JetXpert Dropwatcher.
  • Through a commercial agreement between both companies,  Quantica’s NovoJet technology will be made available to ImageXpert’s wider inkjet community.

Paul Best, ImageXpert CEO, echoes the same enthusiasm as Ramon Borrel (Quantica CTO) about this partnership. He states: “We believe that this partnership will unlock and redefine what is possible with inkjet technology. The integration of our analysis systems with Quantica’s innovative printheads will give users in novel applications the tools and confidence to explore inkjet technology for the first time.”

QUANTICA CTO Ramon Borrell, ImageXpert CEO Paul Best, QUANTICA Bus Dev Shahzad Khan and Marcus Mueller App. Engineer ImageXpert (left to right)

The integrated system, comprising NovoJet technology and the JetPack, is set to hit the market in May 2024. It would provide researchers and material developers with the ability to test, characterize, and validate new materials for jetting, thus enabling the exploration of new possibilities in inkjet applications.

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