PULVERMEISTER GmbH is one of the Germany-based machine manufacturers that develops post-processing systems for plastic 3D printed parts.  As a reminder, the company’s journey within the AM industry has started when the founder Luigi Monaco was working on a project for his Badass eBikes company, a project that leads to the development of a prototype that would achieve the depowdering & sand blasting of 3D printed parts manufactured on a powder-bed fusion-based 3D printer.

After months of testing and practical use, the manufacturer announces today the official launch of the PULVERMEISTER Typ3. Dedicated to series production, the automated machine aims to meet the challenges of an environment where manual tasks at the post-processing stage have become a true hurdle in the scalability of the production line.

The flagship product of the German manufacturer ensures the best conditions for complete recycling. As per the words of the founder, “it is not only the glas bead material that is very efficiently used“. The operator “can precisely adjust the powder detachment level whilst depowdering”, which as you may know, is the required prerequisite for efficient recycling and reusage of the plastic powder itself.

PULVERMEISTER therefore ensures maximum reuse of the abrasive in the cycle as well as the highest possible waste avoidance. “The quality of the end product is unsurpassed. The result is dust-free and can be processed directly”., the company affirms

At the technical level, it should be noted that the operator can set up the machine settings in a PLC system, which meets the requirements of OPC-UA. This way, not only does the operator benefit from quality assurance, but at the cost level, he also benefits from up to 40% of reduction on the production costs for a finished individual part.

The PULVERMEISTER Typ3 is available at a starting price of 239000€. All other details can be discussed with the company. In the long run, the company plans to establish a worldwide sales system to meet the needs of customers across the world.

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