Protea Design introduces the new filament extruder, DNA Extruder

Protea Design presents DNA Extruder, the fastest consumer level extruder until now.

High quality & precision filament

With this innovative approach, Protea Design aims to create an extruder which possesses both features and performance of a machine double its price.

The big challenge of the team while developing DNA was “slow extrusion”. In order to remedy this issue, they increased extrusion speed to the highest levels. Indeed, the DNA Extruder could extrude filament at a speed of 10 feet per minute. This refers to 1 full roll of filament in 1 hour. The team tested ABS materials, and they easily reached these speeds during the extrusion.


According to the team, the user will never have to wait more than 1 hour to get back to 3D printing with a full roll of filament.

In addition, to fast extrusion, the user can easily adjust temperature as well as speed during the extrusion process. The DNA Extruder can reach a maximum temperature of 250C, allowing you to extrude most materials commonly used in 3D Printing. To add to all of this, the extruder is equipped with a hopper capable of holding 1 kg of pellets.

Protea Design challenges all extruders on the market by bringing to life a $ 800 (USD) extruder. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help the company achieve its objectives.


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