Credit: Prodways

Prodways, the French OEM known for its dental and jewelry 3D printers, has recently announced it will discontinue its line of jewelry 3D printers. As a reminder, Prodways has been selling its jewelry 3D printers through Solidscape – a company it had taken over from Stratasys.

The termination of this activity results from negative performance recorded in 2023, mainly due to weak machinery sales. To improve its results quickly, the group has therefore decided to refocus its 3D printing business on the industrial segment.

The sales of these small printers (with a unit value of around €15k), as well as the associated materials and services, generated a turnover of around €5 million in 2023 and a significant operating loss. The cessation of this activity will therefore have a positive structural impact on Prodways’ profitability.

According to the company, in the industrial segment on the other hand, the growth levers of the MovingLight range for instance, are easy to activate and have a higher profitability profile. Prodways Group also benefits from its good positioning in existing markets, such as the medical sector, and could generate opportunities through new industrial applications for sectors such as aeronautics.

The shutdown of the jewellery activity is being implemented now and should be finalized by the end of summer 2024. The impact in the 2023 financial statements is estimated at this stage at around €15 million in depreciation (non-cash impact)1. In 2024, the costs related to this shutdown are expected to represent just over €1 million, mainly in the first half of the year.

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