PrinterPrezz and Growshapes make 3D Printing at the forefront of medical devices development

Following the opening of Medifacturing™, PrinterPrezz announces today a new partnership: Growshapes, the company is one of HP’s partners and distributor of 3D scanners sourced from all over the world.

Both companies will work together to scale PrinterPrezz’s 3D imaging lab. As a reminder, as the name of the company indicates, PrinterPress combines medical expertise and 3D printing in its new company, MedifacturingTM.

With its imaging lab, the company wants to 3D scan implants in high resolution, allowing for detailed metrology, validation and enhancement of advanced metal 3D implants and other devices.

Medical devices manufacturing is rapidly evolving and 3D printing is at the forefront of this change,” said Yuki Hoashi, Principal of Growshapes. “PrinterPrezz is a standout partner for us because it’s taking innovation from one industry and applying it to the medical industry utilizing various technologies, including 3D printing and scanning as well as designing and visualization. Their ultimate goal is to transform people’s lives, and we’re excited to help equip PrinterPrezz with 3D technologies to enable innovation faster in this field.

Growshapes will therefore give the company enough flexibility by providing access to 3D printers and 3D scanners. “Partnering with Growshapes enables PrinterPrezz to utilize cutting-edge 3D imaging technologies,” confirmed Shafkat Anwar, SVP Medical Innovations of PrinterPrezz. “Scanning in medical parts created at PrinterPrezz with high resolution imaging allows us to test accuracy and find new avenues for innovation. By integrating imaging, design, modelling and 3D printing, PrinterPrezz seeks to create patient-matched devices for improved clinical outcomes.

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