PostProcess Technologies unveils New DEMI 910 Resin Removal Solution for Carbon L1 and M2 3D Printers

Following the announcement of their partnership earlier at the beginning of this month, Postprocess Technologies unveils a new resin removal solution specifically for the Carbon 3D printers.

Named DEMI 910, the new solution works with the post-processing expert’s software AUTOMAT3D® and is based on its patented Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology.

To match the capabilities of Carbon L1 and M2 3D printers, a specific detergent for use in the DEMI 910 has been developed to ensure optimized 3D printed end-part quality and increased throughput for Carbon resin post-processing.

According to PostProcess Technologies, the new post-processing equipment can process most of Carbon resins such as EPU 41, EPX 82, MPU 100, RPU 70, RPU 130, UMA 90, and LOCTITE® 3D IND 405 Clear certified for Carbon printers.

The machine manufacturer explains in a press communication, that with a specialized fixture design, the DEMI 910 can automatically remove resin for an entire build platform from a Carbon large-format L1 printer or two build platforms from a Carbon high-resolution M2 printer.

This fixture enables Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ (Carbon DLS™) printed parts to be processed by the PostProcess solution without ever leaving the build platform. This improves ergonomics, post-print cycle times, and productivity for technicians. The market demand for this solution has proven to be high, as several early access units have already been ordered by Carbon customers” the company explains.

Noting the revolutionary nature of this product, PostProcess Technologies VP of Product, Rich Caplow, said, “The DEMI 910 has been developed to help Carbon customers scale by finishing as many printed parts as possible at never-before-seen rates. The fact that industry leaders like Carbon have already recognized the necessity of automated post-processing proves just how crucial this technology is to further scalability and throughput for the entire additive industry. We are proud to lead the industry into production applications with full-stack, sustainable solutions offering improved safety at the workplace and reduced waste, addressing Carbon customers’ specific needs.

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