Polyga Inc., Canadian developer of professional 3D scanning and mesh processing technologies, debuts the HDI Compact S1 entry-level professional 3D scanner at Formnext. The 3D scanner completes the line of 3D Scanners that were released during the year.

The HDI Compact S1

The newest device captures high-resolution 3D scans with remarkable accuracy for a system at this price point.

Finding a professional 3D scanner that is affordable while consistently delivering high-quality results is difficult to find,” said Thomas Tong, President of Polyga Inc. “We are extremely proud to launch the HDI Compact S1 because the system captures high-resolution scan data of approximately 1.2 million points per scan with an accuracy of up to 40 microns (0.04 mm)—all in just half a second.”

The HDI Compact S1 3D scanner is useful for a variety of downstream applications from 3D printing, reverse engineering (Scan to CAD), scientific research, to even basic quality inspection. The system is available for sale at an introductory price of $5,999 USD.

This entry-level system delivers on the functionality and features of more expensive 3D scanners. That is because FlexScan3D scanning software is the user interface behind the HDI Compact S1 for acquiring and processing 3D scan data into a digital 3D model. It is the same software that powers Polyga’s higher-end models of the HDI 3D scanners. FlexScan3D also includes basic quality inspection measurement tools for deviation analysis.

The affordable 3D scanner is fully enclosed and factory calibrated to make 3D scanning easy within minutes of setup. Simply plug in the system, install the software, and it is ready for scanning. The HDI Compact S1 is easy to use for people who are starting to learn 3D scanning for the first time but is also a powerful device for experienced users.

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