[Poland]: VSHAPER GO 3D Printers to be distributed in schools and kindergartens

Image via Verashape

Verashape marks its entrance in education through an agreement with Groupa MAC S.A, one of the educational publishers of Poland.

Image via Verashape

It’s been more than 30 years that the company provides educational materials to teachers and students across the country. It also provided modern technologies, as part of the government’s Aktywna Tablica program.

Last year, over 1000 Polish schools receive over 1,200 boards and monitors, modern projectors. The company even piloted the landing of a robot transported by a drone to one of the schools.

Today, with this newly signed partnership, they will provide Dash & Dot robots and VSHAPER 3D Printers to schools and kindergartens throughout the country.

Students, on their way to discover 3D Printing

The manufacturer explained that VSHAPER GO would be ideal for beginners. The FDM 3D printer would be simple use and presents an intuitive interface of SOFTSHAPER software, enabling the creation of simple prototypes, teaching aids and useful objects printed in PLA

Constant pursuit of creativity, living up to the potential and the support of boundless passion for creation are today’s challenges of the education process. Grupa MAC is definitely living up to that challenge. The use of modern technologies, primarily 3D Printing, in the process of educating children and teenagers, presents vast possibilities to convert the information from the books into actual physical objects that can be touched and examined. The ability to transform unusual ideas into real designs with the use of 3D Printer is, without a doubt, tremendous support of art subject teaching. It is also helpful in teaching biology, chemistry or physics”, comments Tomasz Szymański, the CEO and founder of VERASHAPE.


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