Moritz Simon Geist, media artist and robotic musician, will very soon releases his first record, played entirely by futuristic robots he fabricated.

Robotic music is the type of music that is auto-tuned and sound futuristic.” It often serves for commercial use when it is not listened by fans. As far as Moritz’ music is concerned, all of the sounds on his records are played by robots. The artist has fabricated “small motors that beat on metal, futuristic 3D-printed robo-kalimbas, salvaged parts from old hard drives that click and cut.

Moritz Simon started robotic music several years ago. The artist explained on his blog electronic music has to evolve and that it is important to work with visual key elements. That’s why, he makes use of Motors, Solenoids, Servos, Stepper Motors, and electric fields to make things move.

He often makes use of 3D printing to create parts of his robots but did not provide further information on the details.

For the Tripods One for instance, he developed the Kalimba using 0.8mm Spring steel metal tongue, Piezo Microphone, 3D printed holder to adjust everything and Solenoid 24V / 5A from Schulz Magnets.

The artist also gives lectures on the progression of technology and society at the NYU Berlin.

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