Pinarello Bolide F HR track bikes in carbon or 3D-printed alloy for Paris 2024 Olympics

With the Olympic Games around the corner, organizations are looking to enhance their sports equipment to get a chance to win a medal. Pinarello S.p.A., an Italian bicycle manufacturer based in Treviso, Italy, recently unveiled 2 new Bolide F HR aerodynamic track bikes that they hope will give team Italy the edge for Olympic Gold this summer in Paris.

The men’s endurance squad will ride the 3D-printed scalmalloy versions of this track bike – the Bolide F HR 3D – while the women’s endurance athletes will compete on a custom carbon model – the Bolide HR C.

Initially developed for Filippo Ganna’s successful Hour Record attempt on Saturday 8th October 2022, the Bolide F HR 3D is described as the first and fastest high-performance 3D-printed bike ever produced.

Its key features include: AirStream technology, AirFoil sections, narrow forks and seat stays and even an optimized handlebar geometry.

One of the manufacturing strengths of Pinarello is its use of 3D printing which dates back to 2015. To develop the design of the Bolide F HR 3D, the design team of the company has incorporated five parts in each frame, with the front triangle comprising three pieces in addition to seat and chain stays. At the manufacturing level, the team relies on Direct Metal Laser Sintering of Scalmalloy – a high-strength scandium, aluminum & magnesium alloy.

Pinarello Bolide F HR 3D track bike, 3d-printed scalmalloy alloy, 5-piece bonded detail. Credit: Pinarello
Credit: Pinarello. Pinarello Bolide F HR track bikes in carbon or 3d-printed alloy, painted for Paris 2024 Olympics Italian team

Scalmalloy was selected for the men’s model as its properties allow it to excel under the increased forces and speed the male athletes produce, while the lighter carbon Bolide F HR C model will allow the female athletes to get up to speed in the fastest-possible time”, Pinarello S.p.A explains.

The 3D-printed alloy bike would be heavier and twice as expensive as the carbon model. Interestingly, for track racing the alloy bike would also be better “under the increased forces and speed the male athletes produce”.

As an iconic Italian brand, we could not be prouder to work with the Italian track team, who like us, are continuing to push the boundaries of athletic performance… We have invested a lot to produce six 3D-printed scalmalloy bikes for the male riders and six carbon fiber versions for the women (including three separate sized molds). Our hope is that the men will defend their Olympic title on the track this summer and our super-strong women’s team also succeed in their quest for gold. We’ve done everything we can to give them the best-possible chance,” Fausto Bortoletto said in an interview.

The lightweight carbon Pinarello Bolide F HR C track bike costs about 12,500€ while the extra stiff 3D-printed scalmalloy alloy Pinarello Bolide F HR 3D could be available for 28,750€.

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