Philips’ IntelliSpace Portal 10 incorporates new 3D modeling application

In order to enhance diagnostic confidence, Royal Philips, active in health technology announced the availability of IntelliSpace Portal 10, a comprehensive, advanced visualization and quantification platform.

A focus on oncology

The new features integrated in the platform enable to provide radiologists with an improved full set of applications and workflows to support the reading and follow-up of complex oncology cases.

This latest edition of Philips’ platform includes then a new 3D modeling application and has been expanded with the DynaCAD Prostate and Breast solutions through integration with InVivo.

IntelliSpace Portal 10 has been expanded with the DynaCAD Breast solution through integration with InVivo. (Royal Philips)
IntelliSpace Portal 10 has been expanded with the DynaCAD Prostate solution through integration with InVivo. (Royal Philips)

The interest 3D imaging and printing for healthcare becomes increasingly significant as health systems are aware of the value of its integrated workflows in areas such as surgery planning, education and training.

Furthermore, the good news is that IntelliSpace Portal 10 is the first solution to feature an embedded 3D modeling application for creating and exporting 3D models intuitively into the clinical workflow.

Moreover, on a long-term strategy, these 3D modeling features will definitely enable doctors to improve patient care.

Our collaboration with Philips has accelerated the co-creation of solutions designed to address the unique needs of pediatric patients,” said Dr. Dianna Bardo, Director Body MR and Co-Director 3D Innovation Lab, Phoenix Children’s. “The 3D modeling application of IntelliSpace Portal 10 has been instrumental in receiving a more accurate picture of the details of anatomy. This is especially true as we prepare for complex procedures by determining the tumor’s exact size and seeing subtle changes over time; [deciding of] the most viable treatment choice.”


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