Peopoly unveils a 3D printer that combines LCD & LED technologies

Hong-Kong based manufacturer Peopoly adds Phenom to its portfolio. Already known by a few makers in Europe, the Asiatic brand targets the same niche with the MLSA 3D Printer.

Available as from $1,799 USD, Phenom enables applications across various industries including on-demand manufacturing for custom one-off designs, small-batch productions, and medical applications.

The previous line of the company’s 3D printers, the Moai series, inspires the modular design of Phenom, which led to upgrades on the new lighting system, new mask and new cooling system.

Moreover, the Moai series 3D printers use laser whereas the new line of 3D printers integrates the MSLA (LCD+LED) approach. The technology applies selective exposure to sensitive resin with lights masked by LCD.

Many of our customers run production on their Moai printers and love the results, but need a printer that is faster and can produce a high volume of prints,” said Peopoly Co-founder Mark Peng. “Phenom is much faster than our existing laser prints with a low price-point to make this technology accessible for more users and more applications. We’re excited to bring to the market the next generation of resin printers.”

Printing process

As far as the printing process is concerned, MSLA is said to be faster than laser when printing a large object or a full plate of small objects because the entire layer is cured from resin. Laser and FDM plastic extrusion have to print point to point and are thus much slower.

Peopoly’s customized light engine enables better light distribution than other printers using MSLA technology and a cooling system to improve print results while extending the life of the mask. The 12.5” 4k LCD panel size offers the optimal balance of resolution, print size, and affordability.

Peopoly will also offer engineering resins compatible with the new device and designed for industrial applications. Thanks to a special film processing technique, the bond between the cured resin and the resin vat can be reduced, improving the print success rate and quality.

However, according to the company, the processing can be applied to low cost common Teflon films, giving Phenom an advantage over other SLA printers.

Other technical specifications

Phenom offers a print volume of 10.9” x 6.1” x 15.7”. The speed is 500% faster than Form3 when printing full volume and has a pixel resolution of 72 um. “With Phenom, our customers can print custom designs of items like custom car parts, research tools, movie props, interior decorations, small-batch productions of miniatures, small run electronic casings, and jewelry, and medical applications including customized wearable items like braces for injured limbs, shoe inserts and surgical planning props,” added Peng.

The biggest challenge is how one can build a large resin printer that can consistently produce professional prints and remains affordable for shops and makers,” said co-founder Raiz Lee. “After successfully delivering our Moai printers, we have a strong distribution network in place, and an even more experienced team, we’re in a perfect position to build the next generation of resin printer.”

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