peel 3d launches “professional grade” 3D scanner

peel 3d announced it will launch its professional grade 3D scanner for $5,900 USD, an affordable tool offering the functionalities and performance level required by professionals and caters.

In today’s marketplace, many professionals—from designers to engineers to educational professionals—are looking for 3D scanners that are affordable, but also offer 3D scanning capabilities that go beyond the simplistic, entry-level products currently on the market,” explained François Leclerc, head leader of the Canada-based group.

“The beauty of peel 3d is that although it is a budget-friendly 3D scanner, it truly packs a punch in terms of functionalities and performance. The entire team is thrilled to bring a more-compelling 3D scanning offering to the entry-level market.”

What you should know about this next generation 3D scanner

peel 3D aims to make professional-grade 3D scanning technology as accessible as possible. So artists, school teachers, creative persons or engineers could use this 3D scanner.

Users can scan as many items as possible without any preparation. The scanner automatically recognizes the shape of objects.

This easy-to-use scanner requires a stick on to scan the flattest and smoothest of surfaces. Furthermore, users could benefit from a high level of design freedom by cleaning up, improving, aligning and exporting scanning data.

Last the wide variety of users somehow implies that a wide variety of surfaces could be scanned with this device.

Would it be possible that this scanner impinge on market’s leaders such as Artec 3D?

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