Paul Kohlhaussen’s 3D printed panoramic camera on Kickstarter

A few months ago, Paul Kohlhaussen created K-Pan, a 3D printed panoramic camera called the Cycloptic Mustard Monster then.

By launching a campaign on Kickstarter, he is taking this project to a next level: “making it available to other photographers as a kit.”

The K-Pan

Photographers who like versatility, huge negatives as well as the craft of shooting on film will feel comfortable to use the K-Pan.

More than a camera, the lightweight tool uses a modular system on which one can build an open-source platform for expansion parts and accessories.

As far as camera details are concerned, Paul says that the photographer can combine the kit with his own 4×5 lens.

The camera is made of SLS nylon or ground metal alloys. The maker used 3D printing to produce each of the components of this ultimate tool, which allows to a certain extent a quite large customization for each user.

The camera weighs about ~350 grams without a lens and is 22cm wide and 9cm tall. In addition to embedded steel screw threads, it has a standard ¼-20 UNC tripod mount.

Last, the lens mount (the “lens board”) is 2mm thick with a 33mm diameter hole (which fits a wide variety of Copal 0 shutter lenses).

Paul strongly believes in the Do it Yourself philosophy. That’s why, the user will receive the grey nylon components with the metal threads and light seals pre-installed. Although his team recommends the user to customize the outer surfaces himself, once the camera is assembled with his lens, it is ready to be used.

Frank in Hyde Park, shot with a 10mm focus bracket on Kodak Portra 800

The Kickstarter campaign

Paul Kohlhaussen’s idea is to develop a small production run of cameras. It would precisely be a kit-form, or 10-limited edition pre-finished units.


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