Patent Activity remains strong amid global pandemic – Here are those who lead the game in Additive Manufacturing

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, an organization that uses proprietary data architecture to produce the industry’s most accurate patent database, has announced the results of its latest study on patent activity.

The European Patent Office (EPO), an organization that delivers similar services in Europe revealed last year the surge in patent applications and the companies that lead this game in the AM industry.

The present report compiled the IFI Global 250 which looks across the world’s major patent authorities to reveal the top holders of active patent assets. First observation is that despite the global pandemic, patent activity remains strong.

Furthermore, while Samsung leads in total global patent assets, the reports outlines the fastest growing technologies which include Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Auto-pilots/Navigation for Vehicles, and 3D Printing.

Overall, U.S. patent activity was down slightly last year, despite the pandemic. This is a minor downward tick in what’s been a largely upward trajectory we’ve seen over the past decade, and it’s still 13 percent higher than what we saw in 2018,” said Mike Baycroft, CEO of IFI CLAIMS Patent Services. “Another positive indicator is that published pre-grant applications saw a nominal increase in 2020. But we’ll have to wait at least another year before we can determine if the pandemic had any impact.”

Ranked number 9 in this top 10, the AM market saw an annual growth of 27.14% which demonstrates the technology potential for industries. Furthermore, as shown in the graph below, HP, General Electrics, Kinpo Electronics, XYZPrinting and Boeing are on top of the game when it comes to patent applications.

It should be noted that apart from Kinpo Electronics which is new in this ranking, the other companies had also managed to be on the EPO’s list of top applicants.

The study also focused on a selection of companies that have received the most patents in the United States, all industries combined. Among the 1000 companies that have been selected, we find AM companies such as Continuous Composites, Xerox, Concept Laser and Carbon.

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