Onyx FR, Markforged flame retardant 3D printing material

Images via Markforged
Images via Markforged

Manufacturer of metal 3D printers, Markforged has created a flame-retardant plastic reinforceable with continuous carbon fiber. 3D printed plastics usually burn if they catch fire, but Markforged unveils a material that actually stops itself from burning.

Designed for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and defense, Onyx FR features strength, superior print quality, high-quality surface finish – all while resisting fire.

This material is very similar to Igus 3D printing material, Iglidur I3, which delivers a low flammability and low flame spread rate. Designed for SLS 3D printing, it is wear-resistant and recommended for all types of wear parts.

As far as Markforged products are concerned, Jon Reilly, VP of Product at Markforged stated: “Manufacturers choose Markforged because our industrial 3D printers deliver strong, lightweight end-use parts at significant cost and time savings. “Onyx FR opens up more applications for 3D printing across automotive, aerospace, and defense industries because it meets higher fire safety standards. When these parts are reinforced with strands of continuous carbon fiber, they are as strong as aircraft-grade aluminum at half the weight.”

Onyx FR completes a portfolio of industrial metal and composite materials. Eiger, Markforged’s cloud-based software platform, makes it easy for clients to design a part, choose their materials, and just click print from across the room or around the world.

Onyx FR will be available to all new and existing Markforged customers with its Industrial Series Printers.

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