Filippo Moroni and Pietro Gabriele, founders of ONO created the first smartphone 3D printer which is publicly available for 99$ since April 2017 on

Apart from the Luxury Technology Show where it has already been showed, other launches of the flagship are expected for May 19-21th during the Maker Faires in San Francisco and September 23rd -24th  in New York as well as during the Foster City cityFEST on June 3-4th.

Manufacturing & design

That’s a really big challenge ONO is launching to 3D printers’ manufacturers by “reaching the highest quality resolution at the lowest cost of any 3D printer on the market”. 

This 3D printer’s system is until today the first to allow resin to harden the white light of a smartphone’s screen instead of UV light. Furthermore, the housing filters out harmful external light in order to increase the print’s precision.

As for smartphones, the printer can support Android and Apple (precisely Android 4.4+ or iOS 9+), programmed for the system.


The funniest thing is the social aspect of the printer! 3D messages can be sent (even in a “surprise mode”), shared and printed privately between friends.

For Filippo Moroni, “[they] aim to put 3D printing into the hands of new users and professionals alike, expanding the possibilities for innovation and advancement of the technology across the entire spectrum of users”.

Last but not least, regarding safety and compliance, every component of the product has been certified by UL for use and sale in over 100 countries worldwide.