introduces on-demand fully colored 3D printing services

The 2021 established full stack order management software company, has upped its game by introducing new industrial full-color 3D printers which will fulfil all 3D printing needs of the gaming community. had been acquired by the  MyMiniFactory last year.

The company has its own digital factory that allows it to print large volumes of on-demand gaming assets. Their platform is used by more than 1000 3D designers

With the help of the new industrial-grade 3D color printers, indie creators can now digitally upload their colored 3D designs on the platform and supply 3D printed models to customers. These 3D designs are available in a full spectrum of colours for people to order and the indie creators benefit from them. 

The indie creators can also display their logos and other branding on the 3D printed models and they are shipped to gamers worldwide in that format within 10 days. This new 3D printing facility offered by seeks to enhance the business of 3D designers by letting them sell their 3D models across the world without spending on stockpiling and packaging. 

MyMiniFactory and its many sister websites have been using by indie creators and 3D designers since its inception in 2013 for its high-quality production values. The team delivered good quality 3D prints out of 3D designs at a time when 3D printed products weren’t that good. With the new on-demand 3D printing service, the company hopes to maintain the momentum. has maintained its online marketplace through a dedicated team of 3D geeks and tabletop enthusiasts who use high-quality 3D designs to print 4000 3D models daily at its London Headquarters. The new printers will add to the 3D color printing facility already in place. 

Speaking about the matter, CEO Alex Ziff said:  “Not only do we get to produce stunning pre-colored 3D models, but we get to help indie creators develop a new skill. Digitally coloring designs for 3D print is an exciting art form in itself, and we’re on the brink of seeing an explosion of talented 3D colorists”. 

The company is celebrating its two-year anniversary in the MyMiniFactory 3D creators community by launching a new microfactory in the US in 2024. has a range of things in the pipeline including a plan to return to the giant global tabletop games sphere

People can get 85 color 3D models on their stores along with some freebies. This includes a customized Eldritch Foundry miniature 3D model. The company has tied up with the Bestiarum Studio to provide free raffles of 3D color models along with a grand prize sponsored by the studio.

The usual retail price of the precolored pièce de résistance Pit Lord by Bestiarum Studio is $500 USD.

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