Custom-made 3D printed sandals are the proposal of the Canadian start-up OLT Footcare. By combining digitization and 3D printing with the manufacturing process of their sandals, the Windsor-based company shows its capacity to offer its customers aesthetic shoes, comfortable with a custom fit, while reducing the production cost.

The OLT Footcare sandals consist of a customized full-length 3D printed midsole, as well as a personalized  laser cut outsole and a rendering in conventional sandals (two straps and two buckles). At this stage, each pair is manufactured on order.

The manufacturing

An OLT foot scanner allows a detailed capture of the client’s feet. With the size of a photocopier capable of sweeping the bottom of a foot in a few seconds, this scanner can generate more than 10,000 XYZ points with 0.2 mm accuracy for each foot.

Once the foot sweep is done, a 3D model is generated. The latter will be used to design the customized midsole. In order to deal with feet of different sizes (of the same person), a scan is carried out on each foot.

Then, a desktop 3D printer is used to manufacture the personalized inner sole.

According to OLT Footcare, its sandals offer its users a perfect balance due to the realization of the 3D scan for its sizing. Furthermore, they adapt to each foot for ultimate comfort.

In order to develop the production of their sandals, OLT Footcare just launched a kickstarter campaign. The Canadian company then offers a product package in exchange of a contribution to the campaign.

Hopefully it will be as successful as the Wiiiv campaign, you can now follow it for more details and even show your support.