The next step will be the transformation of text into 3D-printable file

Researchers from software provider NVIDIA have enhanced their latest text-to-3D generative AI model, dubbed LATTE3D.

Like a virtual 3D printer, LATTE3D turns text prompts into 3D representations of objects and animals within a second.

Crafted in a popular format used for standard rendering applications, the generated shapes can be easily served up in virtual environments for developing video games, ad campaigns, design projects or virtual training grounds for robotics.

A year ago, it took an hour for AI models to generate 3D visuals of this quality — and the current state of the art is now around 10 to 12 seconds,” said Sanja Fidler, vice president of AI research at NVIDIA, whose Toronto-based AI lab team developed LATTE3D. “We can now produce results an order of magnitude faster, putting near-real-time text-to-3D generation within reach for creators across industries.”

This advancement means that LATTE3D can produce 3D shapes near instantly when running inference on a single GPU, such as the NVIDIA RTX A6000, which was used for the NVIDIA Research demo.

Ideate, Generate, Iterate: Shortening the Cycle

Instead of starting a design from scratch or combing through a 3D asset library, a creator could use LATTE3D to generate detailed objects as quickly as ideas pop into their head.

Credit: NVIDIA

The model generates a few different 3D shape options based on each text prompt, giving creator options. Selected objects can be optimized for higher quality within a few minutes. Then, users can export the shape into graphics software applications or platforms such as NVIDIA Omniverse, which enables Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD)-based 3D workflows and applications.

While the researchers trained LATTE3D on two specific datasets — animals and everyday objects — developers could use the same model architecture to train the AI on other data types.

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