NFL Stadium to be home to 85-Foot-Tall 3D Printed Memorial


Allegiant Stadium will become a real attraction by the end of next year. More than the home to future Las Vegas Raiders, it will welcome the largest 3D printed structure in the world.

The $2 billion, 65,000 fan capacity indoor stadium one feature likely will have another feature that will make it outstanding: a “85-foot tall Al Davis Memorial Torch that will burst through a giant hole of two levels of the stadium and create one of the best hangout spots in the entire place.”

The 3D printed structure will be manufactured in Kansas. The structure is said to be the largest 3D printed object in the worldwide: “That will literally be the largest 3D printed object in the world,” Las Vegas Stadium Co. Chief Operating Officer Don Webb said. “Only two printers can do this and we have one back in Kansas City doing this right now.

Although we do not have much information about the manufacturing process, we already know the torch’s structure will integrate carbon fiber and aluminium.

 “The reason it’s 3D printed is they can have absolutely flawless geometry to it,” Webb said. “It’s complex geometry, it’s not a cylinder, it’s a swooping kind of thing. It’s a sculpture. In order to have that so it’s absolutely perfect you just can’t manipulate materials by hand without having some imperfections. So that’s why it’s being 3D printed.

According to Webb, the operators will capitalize on the area where the torch sits, with the massive retractable doors in the backdrop, and a circular bar area that will surround the torch.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal. – Images: Las Vegas Review Journal

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