New partnership with HDC Co. Helps Solukon debut in the 3D printing South Korean market

In its ongoing efforts to build a network of qualified distributors for its automated depowdering machines, machine manufacturer Solukon has signed a new partnership with HDC Co.

 The new partner will support the development of Solukon’s Smart Powder Recuperation technology SPR on the 3D printing South Korean market. The South Korea-based company has been operating in the AM market since 1999. It currently acts as a 3D printing bureau, a consulting service and a distributor for additive manufacturing solutions in the country.

Solukon’s automated depowdering machines join a portfolio that already includes EOS & AMCM machines.

For years, HDC Co. has been working with the international leaders in the AM industry. By partnering with Solukon, we’re fortunately able to offer our customers the top-of-the-line depowdering solution, too”, Brian C.G. Seo, President of HDC Co.

As for Solukon, the German company has already expanded its business activities into the British, Irish, Turkish and Canadian Additive Manufacturing (AM) markets.

Michael Sattler, Global Sales Director at Solukon responsible for the reseller network adds, “Awareness of the need for safe and repeatable postprocessing is increasing around the world. We’re pleased to have HDC Co. as a trusted partner for the South Korean market who will meet the increased demand for automated depowdering there.”

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