New partnership between AME-3D and AMFG to strengthen vacuum casting and AM production

Software provider AMFG is integrating its MES & workflow automation software into  AME-3D’s operations. AME-3D is a product development and prototyping business that has been providing services for 26 years, excelling particularly within the specialist niche of vacuum casting for production, alongside RIM casting. The company also leverages SLA and SLM to provide rapid prototyping and low volume production services.

On the heels of a recent financing round, AME-3D identified MES & workflow software as a strategic investment, offering a means to mature and scale their manufacturing processes. Specifically, they were looking to improve their quotation speed by reducing manual input, making it simpler for their present employees to manage higher RFQ volumes and accelerate their quotation throughput.

AMFG seemed to be a great fit for these requirements as its quotation automation feature enables a reduction in labour time and affords firmer control over quotation quality. Furthermore, AMFG’s digital catalogue functionality allowed AME-3D’s customers to order from a list of preconfigured CAD files, reducing the need for client input and establishing a transformationally simplified buying journey.

AMFG has a lot of capability packed into the software. I was specifically looking for a solution that enabled faster quoting, an online quoting platform and production management, and AMFG has all of these”, commented Rich Proctor, Managing Director of AME Group, “I have benefitted a lot from the speed at which the support team at AMFG reply to queries. There is more that we can do with the software as we get further into the integrations with other parts of our business too. Strategically, I could see that growing AME-3D would be an easier task when we were building on a platform that offers clarity, control, and consistency.”

Alongside conventional 3D printing applications, traditionally catered for by AMFG, AME-3D have incorporated vacuum casting within their AMFG solution. Vacuum casting has experienced a burst in popularity within the company over the past year; having equipped AMFG, AME-3D has bolstered their position to scale smoothly and continuously, a press release states.

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