New Matter MOD-t raises the bar for 3D printing on Kickstarter

New Matter Inc., a desktop 3D printing company announced the New Matter MOD-t. With high quality, the desktop 3D printer offers a good user experience and combines an easy-to-use service, exceptional print quality with an elegant design.

The new MOD-t will begin shipping in Spring 2018 with pre-orders beginning today on Kickstarter.

Today, we take another major step toward making the magic of 3D printing accessible and affordable for every home and classroom,” said Steve Schell, chief executive officer and cofounder, New Matter. “With the MOD-t (2nd Gen), we’re raising the bar for desktop 3D printers the world over – especially for the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers. We were humbled by the outpouring of support for our original record-breaking crowdfunding campaign and are excited to bring the new MOD-t to the community through this new campaign.

Main features of the MOD-t (2nd Gen)

Among the mainly features of the MOD-t (2nd Gen), one can mention its lightning fast processing power. Indeed,vital printing tasks like motor control, trajectory planning, and data transfer are independently addressed, managed, and improved through all-new dual processing architecture.

In addition to its elegant design and its print quality, the new cooling system makes for a significant reduction in operating noise compared to the already remarkably quiet MOD-t.

Furthermore, the MOD-t eliminated the need for manual calibration and bed leveling. In the MOD-t (2nd Gen), New Matter improves on this design with an attached build tray, making for higher resolution prints and a near perfect print success rate.

Last, designed for a wireless experience from start to finish, improved networking technology inside the MOD-t (2nd Gen) allows control from any device including Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

New Matter has made tremendous progress since the launch of the original MOD-t and we’re thrilled to build on that momentum with the Kickstarter campaign,” said Bill Gross, cofounder, New Matter, and, founder, Idealab. “We’re particularly excited that educators across the country are recognizing that the MOD-t is the simplest, most reliable way to adopt 3D printing into the classroom. We’re exhilarated at the opportunity to bring the MOD-t (2nd Gen) with all of its new features to even more educators and consumers alike, all of whom will undoubtedly come to appreciate its simplicity, reliability, and the elegance of its design.

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