New Lithoz LCM 3D printer makes next-gen 3D printed multi material parts

Ceramics 3D printing company Lithoz is introducing CeraFab Multi 2M30 3D printer that makes 3D printed multi-materials parts in one print run.

Ceramic 3D printing company Lithoz will showcase a series of new manufacturing solutions required for creating 3D printed multi-material parts at Formnext 2023 from November 7 to November 10. 

These next-generation 3D printed parts are made with a combination of ceramics with different materials like metals and polymers. The 3D-printed multi-material parts can alsobe made of ceramics with other ceramics combinations. All this is done by the company’s new  LCM 3D printer: CeraFab Multi 2M30 3D printer.

The new 3D printer of Lithoz can functionally combine opposite material properties like conductivity and insulation in one print run, creating the next generation of 3D printed multi-functional parts which was previously unachievable in this detail and complexity.

3D printed multi-materials parts made from pure copper and ceramics created by the new Lithoz 3D printer

Lithoz will be introducing the Ceramic AM Factory alongside 3D printed parts produced by Bosch Advanced Ceramics, Steinbach or SiNAPTIC. The 3D printed parts created using Lithoz 3D printers and printing materials will have different properties in a single functional part, in a single printed layer. 

Building on last year’s public interest in the medical and dental applications of ceramic 3D printed parts, Lithoz will display a broad spectrum of 3D printed multi-materials parts at the event including bioresorbable hydroxyapatite implants and lithium disilicate dental restorations. Earlier, the company showed how these ceramic implants created using its ceramic 3D printing technology can help in restorative dentistry.

The next generation 3D printed multi-materials parts created using the new Lithoz 3D printers to be on display at Formnext 2023

These 3D printed ceramic parts speak of the future of bioceramics and 3D printing as it impart the surgical precision, economic benefit and patient well-being required in such medical implants. 

Visitors at Lithoz stand at Booth D48 Hall 11.1 in Formnext 2023 can ‘touch and feel’ these 3D printed multi-materials parts and appreciate their quality. 

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