New Guinness World Record for the tallest 3D printed human sculpture

Named “The Statue of Inspiration”, the tallest 3D printed human sculpture embodies a mindset : “Dream big and you can be big. Let nothing stop you.”

There have been a great number of 3D printed human sculptures that have been created by artists. With a total different purpose, the latest one has managed to appear in the Guinness Book of World Records : that’s the one created by Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen,  founder of Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care facilities, which provide patient care to various communities.

So far, the tallest 3D printed human sculpture known in the 3D printing industry was the one of YouTuber James Bruton created in 500 hours within two months.

The sculpture that breaks a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title today is 19 ft 10 in (6.04m) tall, 1500lb (680.3886kg) sculpture. It took 12 weeks to create and five people to assemble. It was a massive sight for those in attendance at the unveiling ceremony. The massive sculpture was assembled on-site and inspected by officials.

The Guinness World Records adjudicator announced to the crowd of onlookers that Dr. Allen had broken the 5-year record. Dr. Allen and his family took center stage as the roar of cheers and celebration started with proud Los Angeles residents. Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen and the Saint Vinson Eugene Allen Organization desire to show children all over the world, “Dream big and you can be big. Let nothing stop you.” The monumental sculpture is named “The Statue of Inspiration” for the legacy of Dr. Allen’s 20 years of unwavering commitment to those not only in his community, but abroad as well.

 The final resting place of the statue has not yet been determined. Negotiations are underway to have the sculpture placed in a local community-based museum. Details will be released once confirmation of a designated location has been made.

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