Scribbler launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Scribbler Duo, its 3D printing pen. Scribbler’s purpose was firstly to interest kids and teens in design and basics of 3D printing technology in a friendly way.

The Scribbler pen functions like a 3D printer nozzle, extruding plastic filament at high temperatures.

When being forced via the print head by a motorized feed mechanism, the molten filament solidifies after cooling to get a 3D shape. Indeed, the printer head is not controlled by a robotic arm but truly by a human hand, then can be moved in any way the user wants.

Other types of Scribbler pens include the Scribbler Nano and the Scribbler V3. The newness the Scribbler Duo brings is the second nozzle. This dual nozzle allows the user to create a 3D object faster than normal, extruding two filaments in the same 3D structure. Furthermore, it is compatible with other filaments such as ABS, PLA and other varieties, which are available on Scribbler’s website.

In addition, the miniature LED screen on the pen indicates the temperature and other crucial about the functioning. The ergonomy of the pen as well as the appearance are improved, thus allow a more precise penmanship.

Moreover, customers can control the temperature of extrusion as well as the feed rate of the filament. Obviously they can give their feedback to Scribbler which will improve the modifications.  

With the Kickstarter campaign, the company expects to raise $15,750 and the half has already been raised. As each campaign, donors could have a specific package according to their contribution.

Corporate communication and content marketing specialist at 3D Adept, Kety has a great interest in technological innovations, precisely for the scope of 3D printing on different sectors of activity. In order to take advantage of it, a wide range of innovations still have to be discovered about the technologies that shape the world of tomorrow.