New additive manufacturing material from Inkbit features properties that rival those of Nylon 12

For its debut on the European AM market, machine manufacturer Inkbit unveiled a 3D printing material specially formulated for durability.  Called Titan Tough Epoxy 85, the material would be a great fit for parts that are tough, accurate, with intricate geometries.

As a reminder, the Massachusetts-based company develops Inkbit Vista, a 3D printer based on a proprietary Vision-Controlled Jetting technology – which when combined with multi-material design software enables manufacturers to move from prototyping to production.

The new material would be impact-resistant and would withstand long-term UV exposure. Its processing by the Inkbit Vista™ platform gives life to multi-component designs where tolerance stack-up challenges require individual components to be accurate, so assemblies fit together.

Inkbit has also developed simple, low-labor post-processing with an automatable workflow that uses wax support material which melts away, enabling the system to print complex, highly detailed part geometries reliably. The support material is also recyclable – contributing to Inkbit’s low cost-per-part advantage. This clean production process further reduces the requirement for a dedicated production environment with tight environmental controls, a press release says.

The launch of our Titan Tough Epoxy 85 is an important milestone in our journey to take material jetting from the realm of prototyping to that of production. The toughness, tensile strength, impact resistance and flexibility of Titan Tough Epoxy 85 rival those of Nylon 12, today’s AM industry standard. The new classes of materials we are introducing, when combined with the multi-material capabilities and accuracy of our platform, will enable a formidable acceleration in product development and digital manufacturing across many industries”, Inkbit Co-Founder and CEO Davide Marini states.

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