New 3D printed device can treat patients that suffer from sleep apnea and snoring

Dental laboratory company, New West Dental Lab has added a new device to its portfolio of mandibular advancement devices (MADs). Named the EndSnorZ™ Sleep Appliance, the new appliance is a patient-specific device that is adjustable in 0.5 mm increments across a 10 mm range to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Dentists who trust New West with their crown & bridge restorations will find the EndSnorZ to be a reliable and precise 3D-printed appliance that fits well with the high-quality standards that the dental treatment of snoring and sleep apnea demands.

I’m pleased to announce the availability of the EndSnorZ Sleep Appliance,” said New West General Manager Hollie Taylor, CDT. “This device reflects our commitment to collaborating with our dentist customers and innovating the tools and techniques that help deliver the highest possible level of care for dental patients. The new EndSnorZ appliance builds on the latest cutting-edge CAD/CAM processes as well as 3D printing technologies to deliver an exceptional dental experience for both the clinician and patient.”

The dental treatment of snoring and sleep apnea requires a trained dentist to position the jaw during sleep so that the tissues, muscles and ligaments of the upper airway have slight tension. This stops the vibration and partial airway collapse that creates the snoring sound. It also treats OSA by defending the airway from complete collapse.

All MADs, including the EndSnorZ, have a similar method of action. Upper and lower nightguards of the appliance have the same fit, form and function that dentists who treat snoring and sleep apnea are familiar with. The differences are in the orientation and material for the connector arms. EndSnorZ connector arms work through traction, gently pulling the jaw into position. This traction also tends to hold the mouth closed and prevents the jaw from collapsing during sleep, which would otherwise obstruct the airway. The EndSnorZ appliance encourages closed-mouth, quiet nasal breathing, increases patient comfort and provides a more restful sleep.

Success in the practice of dental sleep medicine requires durable materials and precise, predictable fit, form and function,” said Taylor. “The EndSnorZ appliance fills this requirement. Furthermore, it is affordably priced at $247 and it includes our standard two-year MAD warranty. This device provides many benefits for dentists interested in growing their practice with oral appliance therapy.”


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