LVDDS, a provider of digital dental solutions based in Las Vegas, has unveiled a new 3D printed Comfort3D™ Bite Splint to provide patients with relief from the harmful effects of bruxism. It was Glidewell that raised our attention three years ago on the possibility to use 3D printing for such medical products.

As a reminder, Bruxism is a medical term that describes a condition in which somebody grinds, gnashes or clenches his/her teeth. According to experts, although teeth grinding can be caused by stress and anxiety, bruxism often occurs during sleep and is more likely caused by an abnormal bite or missing or crooked teeth. A sleep disorder such as sleep apnea can also be the cause of this condition

The Comfort3D Bite Splint provides an optimal fit and thus better protection from parafunctional habits that can damage healthy dentition.

Designed to protect restorations, such as veneers, crowns & bridges, implant-supported restorations, and more, the Comfort3D Bite Splint can be prescribed with confidence to protect each patient’s unique morphology by covering the full occlusal plane, LVDDS ensures.

While the exact 3D printing used at the production level is not mentioned, we do know that the splint is available in a clear, single-layered 2 mm hard material, the Comfort3D Bite Splint provides durability and bonds directly with acrylic.

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