MX3D introduces Arc Bike II, an aluminium 3D printed bike frame

MX3D has an interesting approach to address challenges raised by technology. Through creative projects, the Dutch company develops critical knowhow around its robotic metal 3D print technology. The company offers a proprietary software that turns an off-the-shelf robotic arm and a welding machine in an industrial manufacturing machine.

Its latest project to date is the fabrication of a 3D Printed aluminium bike. Named Arc Bike II, this bike is the first project in aluminium of the Amsterdam-based startup.

Acknowledged for its 3D Printed steel bridge over Amsterdam canal, the company surpassed itself to demonstrate the technology development’s advancements and to show how fast it is possible to achieve a product development from the idea to its implementation.

Arc Bike II

The customizable bike design requires the use of a generative design software to tailor fit the proportions of the ridder’s body. The Mx3D software thereafter translated these data so that they could easily be handled by the robot.

It only took 24 hours to 3D print the frame. After the assembly on the rest of the bike, the bike was ready to be used.

With the support from Autodesk, TU Delft, ArcelorMittal, ABB, Lenovo, Arup and Airliquide, MX3D has become a technology provider for several industrial parties that are entering the market dedicated to large scale metal printing.

The beta version of its software technology is now available for pre-orders allowing companies to develop their own projects with large scale metal printing.

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