Morf3D will acquire a four laser metal industrial 3D printer from AMCM GmbH & EOS


Christmas has come early for the team at Morf3D. The metal additive manufacturing services provider has signed an agreement with AMCM GmbH to acquire an AMCM M 4K-4 (four laser) system.

AMCM provides customized AM solutions and modified and enhanced EOS systems tailored to customer requirements – from new lasers to adapted heating concepts and modified build volumes.  Each system is designed specifically to meet customer requirements.

First time we heard about this EOS company, it was at the beginning of the year when it introduced its AMCM M4K printers with a component size range of 450 x 450 x 1,000 mm³. As depowdering has become an integral part of the metal 3D printing process, AMCM sent an inquiry to Solukon that led to the development of the SFM-AT1000 system, an automated powder removal designed for oversized components.

It should be noted that the AMCM M 4K-4 (four laser) is built on the EOS M 400 platform. As you may guess, based on the component size range, the system can manufacture large applications, with a height up to one meter (39.37 inches).

Our laser focus, attention to detail and exceptional quality has afforded us the opportunity to be the go-to leader for critical aerospace applications in production. The additional capacity from AMCM and EOS continues to support our strategic growth and strengthens our customer engagement model,” said Ivan Madera, Morf3D’s CEO. “It’s not about the number of machines, it’s about consistency and an unwavering commitment to excellence that has fueled our growth.”

That commitment has led to a number of collaborations with AM materials testing experts and post-processing experts to ensure consistency in the services it provides to the aerospace, defense, & space industry.

AMCM is pleased to support Morf3D in their clear and targeted market approach. Our technology is an extended version of the already successful and market leading EOS M400-4. The AMCM M 4K-4 extends the print volume to 1-meter while providing the same stability and control of the EOS M400-4,” said Martin Bullemer, managing director of AMCM. “Together with Morf3D we’ll be able to demonstrate the stability of our technology and support their growth in the aerospace, defense, & space market.

The acquisition brings the total stable of Morf3D’s DMLS machines to 11 once this one will be delivered.

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