Morel relies on Initial for the production of LIGHTEC, 3D printed glasses

The eyewear industry is undoubtedly the application that brings out the aesthetics of 3D printing in a refined way. Integrating frames described as “refined products”, Morel presents its new pair of glasses produced thanks to Initial‘s expertise in 3D printing.

Morel is a glasses manufacturer that has been offering the market extremely comfortable designer frames since 1880. LIGHTEC is definitely a good example of the creation resulting from the collaboration of these two companies.

Combining technicity and finesse

Morel discovered how to combine technology and comfort by using SLS 3D printing. The material is soft, ultra-light and almost unbreakable.

With a 3D printed pair of glasses that only weighs 10 g, Morel offers brilliant colours for this customized series production.

Several thousand frames are now produced each month, with additional machinery installed by INITIAL to keep up with the rate.

As for Initial, the Prodways division keeps evolving on the additive manufacturing market by attracting more and more fashion brands, brands that ultimately share the same values in the luxury sector (art, jewellery, etc.).

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