MIMO Technik Qualifies new aluminum powder that will enable Boeing to 3D Print more aerospace parts

SLM Solutions

Any aerospace enthusiast in this industry is well aware that Boeing, through its various subsidiaries worldwide meticulously invests in Additive Manufacturing. One of the key challenges for this conservative space is the qualification of materials that meet the stringent requirements of parts manufacturing. That’s the reason why, Boeing continuously collaborates with technology partners to qualify new materials.

The latest collaboration unveiled in this space is the one conducted with manufacturing solutions provider MIMO Technik. The latter delivers manufacturing solutions in the AM space for Aerospace, Rocketry, Defense and Motorsport clients. Using SLM® machine technology, the contract manufacturer has met the material spec performance for ALSi10Mg aluminum powder for Boeing. A qualification that follows the announcement of the partnership between Boeing and Titomic. Together both companies will explore Sustainable Titanium 3D printing for space parts.

AlSi10Mg is an aluminum alloy that combines good strength and thermal properties with low weight and flexible post-processing possibilities. For those reasons, it’s an often used material in automotive, aerospace and automation. It is traditionally used as a casting alloy. Combined with AM, it can meet the requirements of parts subject to high mechanical loads.

The expert achieved this prowess at increased productivity rates, increasing the value proposition for AM design solutions.

The company also recognizes that the results of this qualification would not have been the same without SLM Solutions’ open architecture philosophy, a philosophy that enables the team to qualify materials, processes, and parts for aerospace flight faster than ever before.

SLM Solutions technology enables us to create parts and design processes that are just not possible on any other platform. Their open parameters, open architecture system, and engineering spirit let us refine our processes and create parts to the highest standards in critical systems. From structures to electronics, the entire system is customizable to achieve the needed results. SLM®’s open architecture has been a key component in our success,” comments Jonathan Cohen, CEO & Co-founder at MIMO Technik.

Next up on MIMO Technik’s roadmap is the qualification of high-strength aluminum alloys on SLM Solutions machines for Boeing.

It is almost unreal what Jonathan is getting out of our machines, resulting in incredible competitive advantages to MIMO Technik. On top of our open architecture, our extensive support for certified serial production comes along with the IQ, OQ, and PQ qualification process. These were key advantages for this joint success and for MIMO Technik’s overall accelerated adaption of SLM® technology for aerospace“, Dr. Simon Merkt-Schippers, EVP of Product Management at SLM Solutions concludes.

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