Miam Factory and its 3D printed chocolate

To conquer the heart of Belgium, 3D printing puts its techniques in the service of chocolate, one of its most expensive treasures.

Founded by Gaetan Richard, the Gembloux-based company Miam Factory resembles a spin-off laboratory of intelligent gastronomy of the University of Liège, dedicated to the research of new food technologies. This laboratory includes a set of 3D food specialty printers including one for chocolate.

Miam Factory produces customized chocolate after a request of Bertinchamps, a local brewery. The company produces edible bottles, which are as fragile as the glass of Bertinchamps and which took a total of 24.6 meters of chocolate.

The Easter period is not left apart since delicious Easter eggs for egg hunt were produced.
Consumers can personalize their chocolate with a 3D printer or laser engraving. They can order dark chocolate, milk or white chocolate.
To talk about the costs of this newly created company, they vary according to the size and scope of the order.
If many things are still being made for the young start-up, remember that the best news is that this 3D printed chocolate is ready to eat!





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