Medical 3D Printing Company Kumovis secures €3.6 million in a Series A funding round

It’s been a while that Kumovis has been looking for funding that would have enable it to enter new markets, accelerate growth, and enable medical device manufacturers to leverage the full potential of high-performance polymers.

The German startup has added Solvay Ventures, to its list of investors. The Venture Capital fund of Solvay, is acknowledged for investing in breakthrough technologies in advanced materials and formulations. Solvay itself has a division that develops solutions for healthcare applications and provides the industry with a wide range selection of high-performance thermoplastics. 

Solvay Ventures’ equity investment has been brought alongside investments from  Renolit SE, Seed investors High-Tech Gründerfonds and Filipa Venture Capital.

“Not only are the two additional investors luminaries in their fields, from now on they are our new partners with a strong commitment to pushing the limits of high-performance materials. With Solvay, we welcome a world leader in specialty polymers to the Kumovis business venture. We are confident that there will be even more synergies for 3D printing of high-performance polymers beyond our previous joint projects,” adds Miriam Haerst, co-CEO and co-founder of Kumovis.

Kumovis officially unveiled last year its FLM 3D Printer with clean room integration. “Several characteristics enable the R1 to stand out from the crowd. The clean room is of course one of the most important ones. But there is also the temperature management system. The fact that we can manage the temperature up to 250° through the build chamber makes it easy to increase part quality and achieve desired mechanical properties” Kumovis’ CEO Stefan Leonhardt told 3D ADEPT Media in our Opinion of the Week.

Unlike other investors, there is a synergy between Solvay’s activities in the AM field and Kumovis’ core business. Both companies are likely to take advantage of their capabilities as Stéphane Roussel, Solvay Ventures Managing Director states: “by accelerating the transition to personalized medicine, Kumovis and Solvay will expand together the application space for high-performance specialty polymers in healthcare, and have the potential to do so in other industries as well”

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