MeaTech achieves new milestone by 3D printing a 3.67 oz cultivated steak comprised of real, living muscle and fat tissues – its largest yet

Pictured is the 3.67 oz cultivated steak printed by MeaTech 3D. (Photo credit: Shlomi Arbiv; Style credit: Amit Farber)

Cultivated meat expert MeaTech has announced the successful bioprinting of a 3.67 oz (104-gram) cultivated steak, primarily composed of cultivated real fat and muscle cells.

Described as the largest cultured steak produced to date, the cells used in making the steak were produced using an advanced and proprietary process that starts by isolating bovine stem cells from tissue samples and multiplying them.

Upon reaching sufficient cellular mass, stem cells were formulated into bio-inks compatible with MeaTech’s proprietary 3D bio-printer. The bio-inks were printed from a digital design file of a steak structure. The printed product was placed in an incubator to mature, where the printed stem cells were differentiated into fat and muscle cells that develop into fat and muscle tissue, respectively, to form the MeaTech steak.

MeaTech’s goal is developing a true replacement for conventional steak that maximizes cell-based content rather than non-meat ingredients. The cultivated steak is comprised of real, living muscle and fat cells, and does not contain any soy or pea protein typically used in plant-based alternatives. MeaTech employed advanced 3D bioprinting technology developed in-house and advanced tissue engineering science to reach this important milestone, bringing sustainable, premium cultivated meat products closer to the market, the company explains.

Simon Fried, Head of business at MeaTech will share the company’s point of view this Wednesday – 15/12/2021 from 03.30 pm to 04.30 CET around a virtual table entitled: “How should the food industry prepare for “alternative 3D printed products”.”

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