Markforged’s report demonstrates how Additive Manufacturing drives Supply Chain

Markforged has released an Additive Applications Library that demonstrates the impact of additive manufacturing in suppl chain optimization.

The manufacturer of metal and carbon fiber 3D printers has analyzed 100+ use cases within aerospace and defense, automotive, education, electronics, medical, and manufacturing; and applications across prototyping, tools and fixtures, end-use parts, and maintenance parts.

“Many of our industry peers still believe that the value of additive manufacturing is 10-15 years away when you can 3D print houses, cars, and airplanes,” said Michael Papish, VP of Marketing at Markforged. “But we’re seeing real value with customers today. Applications we’re featuring in our new Trends Report and Applications Library are already practical applications that manufacturers can use to save money, reduce downtime, and open up new revenue streams. Additive isn’t future hype, it’s already here calling from inside the house.”

Trends report shows that this is a prime time for additive manufacturing

Following the analysis of over 100 use cases, the American manufacturer found that there is a growing “movement toward additive manufacturing”.

Accessibility, design freedom, physical strength and durability, and reliability were the key themes highlighted throughout the report. In a manufacturing process, these are key processes that enable to determine whether or not, conventional manufacturing processes and workstreams have been enhanced.

From the beginning of the “movement” to disruptive applications for the industry, the report outlines how operators should focus on prototyping rather than tooling to produce critical experimental test nozzles in a matter of days instead of months.

The Additive Applications Library is a comprehensive exploration tool that allows users to find real-world 3D printing use cases and examples from Markforged customers around the globe. Users can filter by industry, application, and materials to help to identify similar 3D printing opportunities in their organization and provide inspiration for new ways to improve their manufacturing processes”, said the company in a press release.

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