Manage your online privacy with THERO, a 3D printed desktop device

THERO is not only an artistic device that will give more fantasy or originality to your office; it is a device that “has the value of freedom and the right to digital privacy.”

It is a tool that enables people to block or encrypt their digital communication by a simple manipulation of the object. The user simply has to turn the object from left to right or vice-versa, and THERO will manage his/her digital contact with the outside. By this way, he/she will be aware of his/her data traffic in a physical way.

THERO’s designers believe that “the presence of an object can give corporality [to] something so abstract like the digital world, configurations and the consequences of its use.”

Furthermore, the user literally has the power in his/her hands to close his/her data transit. In addition, he/she is aware at the exact moment his/her privacy or anonymity is violated.

The device itself

THERO is programmed with Python and equipped with a Raspberry pi 3. Designers took into account both the style and the functionality. That’s why, one of the prototypes is made of both concrete and 3D printed parts and the other is completely 3D printed.

For the sake of transparency, Torres and Angulo, its creators, decided to let the project open source: an OpenWRT version will soon be available.

Martial Y.

Passionate about new technologies, I have a big interest in additive manufacturing. I believe the 3D printing is a technology of the future which is intented to take a great importance in our daily lives. Through this media, the 3D Adept team aims at communicating on this technological innovation, creating and sharing tutorials videos on the handling of various CAD software.

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