« Made in Luxembourg », Anisoprint opens a new chapter for the development of its continuous fiber 3D printers

Anisoprint is going through incredible times right now. The Russian machine manufacturer that encourages industrials to “stop metal thinking” has just earned a label from the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

It’s already been three years that it has established its European headquarters in the country…a long time before it has all the arrangements and inspections settled for the fabrication of its 3D printers in the region.

Now that they have a label “Made in Luxembourg”, a label that testifies of the fact they comply with the manufacturing standards in Luxembourg, Anisoprint will be able to save time spent in contract manufacturing, which involved a lot of constraints related to quality control and deadlines, especially during the pandemic.

Since the first launch of our products back in 2018, we constantly looked for an ideal manufacturing solution, trying to balance between the quality, customer proximity, logistics and lead times, predictability, cost. With the recent COVID-19 outbreak that disrupted all the supply chains, contract manufacturing did not seem to be the best option anymore. We had to take many more production steps under control to manage the quality and lead time expectations of our customers and partners. After a careful consideration of every option and location, we have made a decision to set up our own production facility in Luxembourg, next to our head office. We have been working on that move since last year and today we are proud to receive a “Made in Luxembourg” label for the first batch of Composer 3D-printers manufactured in our new facilities.” — says CEO Fedor Antonov.

Located in the center of Europe, Luxembourg works as a logistics hub with convenient tax regimes for export production. For companies striving to earn the label, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce conducts an inspection procedure to check that it complies with all the local regulations and provides high-quality products or services to its customers.

We spared no pains to find the best solution for a manufacturing facility and find professionals who are willing to contribute their expertise for making the quality of the machines even higher and live up to the expectations of our customers”, the CEO notes.

First labelled machines are already shipped to the clients and the company plans to expand their production volume within this year to satisfy the growing demand.

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