For $99 US, Mira, a Los Angeles-based startup launched Mira Prism, a pair of easy-to-use augmented reality glasses. The price is quite surprising given the high price level the market can offer.

To understand this price, let’s go back to its manufacturing and the way it should be used…

The company made use of thousands of 3D printed prototypes before choosing the ideal Prism design.

Mira Prism does not have any built-in electronics. They are made of  a lightweight plastic headband and the google-esque lenses. For now, the technology is only compatible with iPhone 6, 6s, and 7.

Users must download and open a Mira application on their iPhones. Thereafter, they must insert the phone into the headset.

The image from the iPhone screen will be reflected by the Prism. The user will then have the illusion of the graphics floating in front of him/her. They can even play games by using a small remote linked to the headset.

The innovation attracts great investors such as, Jaunt VR founder Jens Christensen, Sequoia Capital, and others. For now, customers can pre-order their Mira Prism and would certainly get them by the next fall.


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