LMT Lab Day: EnvisionTEC’s new materials for digital dentistry

EnvisionTEC announced the availability of E-OrthoShape and E-Ortholign, two new orthodontic materials at LMT Lab Day.

The announcement follows the launch of its high-speed continuous 3D printer intended for digital dentistry as well as the recently announced partnership of the company with AvaDent to foster the adoption of digital dentures.

E-OrthoShape and E-Ortholign

E-OrthoShape is used to produce models on which thermoformed clear aligners can be created.

It is a grey ABS-like material that prints in 100-micron layers and can be used with any of EnvisionTEC’s DLP machines.

As for the E-Ortholign, it is used for the direct 3D printing of a retaining aligner. This material meets the biocompatibility, stability, flexion and strength requirements for a first aligner. It is evolving through regulatory approval processes.

Furthermore, it should be noticed that seven out of 12 EnvisionTEC’s dental materials are also FDA approved.

E-Ortholign – Images via EnvisionTEC

E-Model Light: the premium offering

E-Model Light is a material that can be printed in 50-micron layers. Thanks to this material, dental and orthodontic models can be produced for soldering appliances, salt and pepper acrylic techniques, restorative work, including models with removable dies, and thermoformed aligner production.

DLP and production 3SP machines can print this material. Last, E-Denstone and E-Appliance will still be offered to customers who prefer these materials.

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