Little You and Objex Unlimited to 3D print & commercialize “Mimaki Toys”

Little You, a Canada-based toy company, has just announced a new range of products: the Mimaki Toys. Produced in collaboration with Objex Unlimited, the Mimaki Toys will featurevibrant colors and will be produced taking into the children’s safety and security.

Little You provides kids with a customizable experience, with the development and design of their own avatar, from modeling and coloring to physically accessorize the characters. 3D printing has always played a key role in its activities.

In this specific case, the new toys have been named after the technology used to produce them: Mimaki 3D printing technology. Mimaki develops full-color inkjet printing which can produce parts in over 10 million unique colors and in photorealistic quality. According to Little You, the technology provides a lot of flexibility to design. It is widely used for high-quality prototyping models in the industrial or medical fields.

Little You is making a breakthrough by bringing this industrial technology into the realms of the children’s toy market. We already offer two materials, the Full-Color Sandstone, the Full-Color Glass Fiber Composite, and now we are adding the Full-Color Acrylic Resin from Mimaki. With three advanced 3D printing technology, we can create unique, vibrant, and highly personalized toy figures that are inhibiting your child’s imagination into real life,” states Christina Guo, founder of Little You.

As an excellent tool to inspire children to conceptualize and design their own avatar, Little You has been an exceptional source of stimulation for both parents and teachers, using the mini toys as one source of learning in the classroom. The company has thrived to continue to grow to bring more designs and features in the future to continue to free the little one’s imaginations.

Available in different sizes, at 2cm, 3cm, and 4cm, the Mimaki toys are priced at $15, $20, $25.

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