The solar system in the palm of your hand

replicas of planets of the Solar System by LITTLE PLANET FACTORY Little Planet Factory, designer of miniature planets

Replicas of the planets of the Solar System printed in 3D by Little Planet Factory are extremely precise.
George Ioamidis, passionate about Astronomy, created this project. In his struggle to obtain a detailed replica of Mars, he decided to use the 3D printing to make his own.
As the quality of his production is above his expectations, he pursues with the manufacturing of replicas of the other planets of the Solar System and shares his achievements with Internet users.

The choice of the 3D printing is due to the quality of geometric precision and the execution speed. Furthermore, thanks to the 3D printing, it is possible to obtain a better resolution with incredible colors.
Each model designed by George Ioamidis is checked by hand and then covered with a protective layer. His company offers a wide range of planets replicas for those who want to recreate their own Solar System. The current dimensions vary from 10 mm diameter for smaller globes to 200 mm diameter for larger globes.
Replicas made by Little Planet Factory can serve as an educational support and thus be a concrete illustration of our Solar System.