Lithoz adds a new ceramic 3D printing technology to its portfolio with acquisition of CerAMing

Notartermin zum Verkauf der CerAMing GmbH an die Lithoz GmbH - Herr Jinchun Chi, Herr Boris Agea Blanco, Herr Dr. Johannes Homa, Herr Sebastian Walzel und Herr Jörg Lüchtenborg (v.l.n.r.)

Ceramic 3D printing company Lithoz has acquired CerAMing, a spin-off of BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung/ German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing), that develops the LSD-Print technology.

This acquisition is the first Lithoz made in the AM industry; it establishes the technology provider as a leader in the ceramic AM market with three different ceramic AM technologies in its portfolio.

The processes available from Lithoz have, up until now, focused on ultra-precise resolutions and highly complex internal structures in the case of LCM, and on particularly high wall thicknesses and the largest possible volumes with complete density in the case of LIS. The acquisition of the startup CerAMing and the associated expansion of the technology portfolio to include layer-by-layer slurry disposition mean that Lithoz now cover a very broad range of applications in ceramic additive manufacturing, with LSD-Print technology covering the area between the LCM and LIS process, a press release reads.

Not only each of these processes can deliver extremely high densities and outstanding material properties but industrials now have a much more complete palette of processes to explore for their applications.

There are a lot of arguments that enable to understand Lithoz’ interest in CerAMing: their journey started in a research institute and we know from our conversation with Lithoz’ founder and CEO Dr. Johannes Homa, that the company owes its current success to academics they closely work with. Furthermore, CerAMing lays emphasis on technology transfer, which is at the heart of several research activities and a unique added value in collaboration with industrial companies.

“With the acquisition of CerAMing, Lithoz is expanding its technology portfolio through strategic acquisition for the first time. We see this technology as another key pillar in the realization of our vision to enable geographically independent, yet fully digitally connected global serial production in the ceramics industry. We have already been able to realize this with our market-leading LCM technology, and along with LIS technology we will soon also be able to further our goals with LSD printing as complementary technologies with the same high quality and without compromising on results”, Homa comments.

“When we started our journey as entrepreneurs in 2019, we were particularly inspired by the success story of Lithoz. It fills us with pride that CerAMing will now become a part of this success and that the fruits of our labor will contribute to its progress”, Sebastian Walzel, co-founder of CerAMing, is very proud of his company’s new position and is excited to see how this new development will lead to progress and innovation in the world of ceramic additive manufacturing.


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