The more technologies advance, the more brand integrity and IP protection become insecure, and the more companies develop solutions to address these issues.

Leo Lane, a company that aims to securely manage additive manufacturing, anywhere anytime has developed a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution to enable companies to scale production while protecting their IP, securing digital assets and enforcing consistency and control within their manufacturing operations.

The benefits of additive manufacturing are widespread and well-recognized, but they come with perils,” says Moshe Molcho, LEO Lane’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We are meeting these issues head-on with a solution that ensures lock-tight protection for brands using additive manufacturing in virtual inventories, on-demand production, or other production capacities.

How does it function?

Once the part to be additively manufacture has been identified, as well as its manufacturing process (printer type, material, machine settings, etc.), Leo Lane’s SaaS solution secures it as a LEO – Limited Edition Object – file. The digital asset protects and preserves the part design by controlling how it is produced.

The files are handled according to the specific corporation’s existing IT policies and procedures – no extra installations, no appliances, no special handling or transfer protocol is needed. With an eye to minimal disruption, the creation of LEOs and their control points can be fully integrated in order to be automatic and seamless. When the file is ordered via a standard ERP system, the LEO Lane service is called in the background and the protected LEO is triggered. The company is integrated with many ecosystem platforms including SAP and Materialise to ensure as smooth and seamless an end-to-end process as possible.”


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