Kumovis GmbH develops 3D printers that are designed to meet the requirements of regulated markets such as medical. The Munich-based manufacturer has unveiled its Industrial FLM 3D printer, capable to produce parts with PEEK materials among other materials.

Available as of now, the 3D printer distinguishes itself among others of the same range by its clean room integration. Indeed, medical technicians will benefit from a clean room environment in the build chamber combined with an integrated temperature control and filter system.

The build chamber can be heated up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit, which improves the layer adhesion during the fabrication of the medical product. Moreover, that build chamber can be turned into a clean room with the help of an optional filter. Everything is therefore well-thought to avoid the introduction of foreign particles in the component produced.

With an interface that facilitates customization and automation during the production process, the software Hyperganic Print will allow users to optimize the prints across the part. Whether print preparation, orientation of the product or technical support, medical interests and procedures were in focus during the entire development.

With the Kumovis R1, we are excited to provide medical technologists with a resource-efficient additive manufacturing system that meets their high requirements, and what is more, leads FLM processing of high-performance plastics to industrial maturity,” said co-founder Stefan Leonhardt. Since 2017, he has been heading Kumovis together with Miriam Haerst. “In addition, with partners such as the software experts from Hyperganic, we will be able to provide rapid access to individualized medical products, and consequently help creating added value for patients and doctors alike,” he added.

As said earlier, the Kumovis R1 is already available, via direct sales or as a subscription model. Three machines are currently being used in a pilot program.

kumovis digital workflow impression


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